Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning, is the physical removal of debris and other foreign matter from the air ventilation system. Debris is defined as; any solid materials in the air ventilation system not intended to be present.

Air duct cleaning is a home maintenance chore that many people overlook. When the facts of air duct cleaning are examined, the need for this service becomes clear.

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Air duct cleaning in Columbus Ohio

This Service is our most purchased and busy Service. It is a simple way to get your home or building to a more efficient state both in Energy use, Comfort, and Air Quality. We can clean anything from your studio apartment, to the everyday Office, and even Commercial Schools, Prisons, or Hospitals!

Air duct cleaning in Columbus Ohio


While it is not required we always educate to get your ducts sealed before they get cleaned. This provides the best suction during the cleaning, decreases air leaks during and after the cleaning. This give your the best cleaning possible and also provides you with optimal airflow and comfort once its complete.


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Air duct cleaning in Columbus Ohio


Air Duct Cleaning is the removal of dust and debris from the duct work of the HVAC System.

There are many ways to clean duct work, but the most important thing is understanding how its engineered to enable safe and effective measures while cleaning.


Schedule And Process

Air duct cleaning in Columbus Ohio


  • Improve indoor Air Quality
  • Improve Respiratory and overall general Health
  • Reduce Allergens and Allergy flair ups
  • Spend less time dusting
  • Safe energy and reduce save on utilities
  • Extended Furnace and AC Life

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Below are a couple very good and simple videos that explain a little bit about how we clean Air Ducts, the vacuum system that we use, duct work and how it can get so dirty as well as some other basic methods of cleaning them. The videos are not exactly how we perform our service and there is no one perfect way to perform Air Duct Cleaning, but understanding how duct work is engineered and works is the most important part to enable the correct cleaning of them.

The most important thing is understanding how duct work is engineered throughout your home and having someone who cares about what they do.

Because it is a job that takes being very detailed and careful within a customers home with constant movement. And we wont leave until the job is done and done right!